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14.2.06 01:14

Das neunzehnte Loch!

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14.2.06 01:17

In your face

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15.2.06 21:50

Basketball - der körperlose Sport?

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15.2.06 21:55

Nike Woods

Was bekommt Nike f?r die 100 Mio Dollar von Tiger Woods?

Hier k?nnt ihr's sehen:

15.2.06 21:56

Kampf um den Ball!

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15.2.06 21:56

Gimme the ball, please!

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15.2.06 22:02

Flying Rodman!

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15.2.06 22:03

Seltsame Früchte

Das haben wir nicht gewusst, dass Basketb?lle auf dem Baum wachsen.

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15.2.06 22:03


Basketball Clip Handheld Electronic Game

Handheld basketball electronic game is so small, your could call it ?finger-held?.

Sports to go: electronic game packs a lot into a little package. Features a convenient clip to attach to backpack or belt loop and take it anywhere. Exciting sports action with sound on/off and pause (teacher?s coming!).

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15.2.06 22:05


Hasbro Shoot n' Score Basketball Toy

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15.2.06 22:05


Fun to Go 3 in 1 Sport Trainer

The Fun to Go 3 in 1 Sport Trainer from Franklin Sports allows kids to practice whatever they want, whenever they want, anywhere they want - well, almost! This completely portable set keeps kids playing throughout the seasons, both indoors and out! The Fun to Go 3 in 1 Sport Trainer carry bag pops open to reveal an arcade-style net return system that can hook onto most any door for great play. The large 18"x18" back can hold the basketball net, or serve as a target for either football or baseball practice. Complete with 1 basketball, 1 baseball, 1 football and an inflating pump with needle, the Fun to Go 3 in 1 Sport Trainer from Franklin Sports will be a slam dunk - or a big hit - or a homerun - with kids!
Recommended Age
Ages 6+

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15.2.06 22:08


Air Hoops Float & Score Basketball Game

Your child can test his or her skills, talent, and patience with Air Hoops Basketball. With four difficulty levels, the basketball is designed to levitate by use of throttle for tons of fun whatever your child's skill level. The 30-second clock can be set to test your child's own speed or to race against friends. The game includes seven players, a five-piece post with adjustable courts, and three basketballs. Requires 6 C batteries, not included.

Measures approximately 15-1/2" x 16" x 8".
Ages 8 and up.
Black/Yellow Plastic.
Made in China.
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15.2.06 22:09


Latex Twin Basketball Dog Toy

Latex Twin Basketball Dog Toy toy for dogs. Your dog will spend hours playing with this toy. Rope has basketballs on both ends.
[Quelle: http://www.redhillgeneralstore.com]
15.2.06 22:10

Ein witziges Star Wars-Fundstück aus dem Internet

Der erste Star Wars-Film, also Episode IV, als Animation aus ASCII-Zeichen.

Zu finden unter folgender Adresse:
15.2.06 22:10

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